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Non-Copyrighted music


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Non-copyrighted music for your videos

Sometime making video for  YouTube , we need  some background music and we don't know which music is copyrighted and which is not, so how do we know which music is copyrighted or not?But there are some ways in which you can use music on your videos without getting Copyright strike on your channel.  

The first way is to do whatever music you want to.  You should contact the owner of that music and get license from them to use that music in your video as a background music for a minute or seconds. You can contact him by the comment box of that music  video or  by messaging him in the social media if he has put link of his social media account?Or you can check if any website if linked to that channel in the about section of YouTube channel.

I also have a YouTube channel in which I have added my blog limk to it and anyone visit my about page of my channel.  My website link appear below my channel banner , viewers can visit my blog by that link.

Another way is that you can use his music for  less than 30 seconds on your video.  That too will not put a copyright strike in your YouTube video. But you cannot use his video for more than 30 seconds.  

Do not think that you used 30 seconds, then you used 30 seconds in the last, then this total was 60 seconds, this may cause a strike on your channel. You also cannot take music of someone else's video. I am going to tell you the  easiest way to get non Copyright music for your videos.

You can search in the Google play store"Non copyrighted YouTube music", some apps will appear download top 5 app from there you can get unlimited background music for your videos.

NCS -YouTube Channel

You can also add Copyright free background music while uploading your video on YouTube.There is option to add music for your Video if you want.

There are  many websites and Youtube channel that provides non-copyright music which you can use in your videos. You can check all this websites .Read more.... 

Youtube channels: NCS MUSIC

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