How to Hard Reset Or Factory Reset in IPhone 11 2024

 Hello Guys, today I am going to tell you how you can hard reset your iPhone 11 with three easy steps ? Means you can forcefully restart your iphone 11.


Steps to hard reset iphone 11 

Press volume up button > Volume Down button one after another and hold the Power button until Apple logo appears on your iphone. 

Congrats You have successfully hard reset your iphone 11(It will not wipe-Out your data.) 

Steps to Factory Reset in Iphone 11.

Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset Iphone . 

Two options will appear :

  1. Reset 
  2. Erase All Contents and Settings.

Click on Erase All Contents and Settings > Continue > Erase IPhone to Factory Rest your IPhone 11.

Congrats You have successfully erased or wiped out your all data by factory reset feature. 


Many times it happens that we have to restart our iPhone and we do not know it, then you can reset your iPhone by using the first method given above.  That means you can restart forcefully.

But if you also want to erase all the data of your mobile, then for this you can use method number.

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