How to set Full Photo in Whatsapp Dp Without Cropping

Have you also faced such a problem in your life when you have to set full DP on WhatsApp?But the default setting of WhatsApp is that it supports only square pictures.Many times the photo we click from the camera is in vertical orientation or in landscape which WhatsApp does not support.The result of this is that the photo we have does not come out completely on Whatsapp dp.


So ,today I am going to tell you how you can put a full DP on WhatsApp?The method I am going to tell you is very simple.

Steps to set full Photo on WhatsApp Dp without Cropping are :

  1. Go to website for resizing your image to WhatsApp Dp size. 
  2. Click on the upload image button and select your image which you want to upload as full dp on WhatsApp. 
  3. Then scroll down and choose the second recommended option (Crop with color[black]). 
  4. Then click on the resize>Download . 
  5. Now, upload that image into WhatsApp Dp. 
  6. Congrats 🎉, Now you have successfully uploaded your full photo on WhatsApp Dp. 


Sometimes we become very sad when our full photo is not visible on WhatsApp Dp.This method resolved this problem bi resizing the image size to WhatsApp Dp size. 

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