What are the equipment for the beginners in Youtube

Equipment for You tuber

As a beginner you tuber should keep in mind these following things:-

1.Smartphone with good camera quality and earphone as a mike .

As a person decided to be a youtuber  so for this he have to use smartphone as a camera because the cost of good camera is costly for new youtuber.

2.Availability of internet

As a new youtuber he must have a internet to upload videos content. And for preparing of content.

3.Have a not niche in which you are expert.

As a beginner you tuber he/she should have a niche on which he/she upload belonging contents.5.Have a time to upload a video daily by this people will notice you.

4.You must have a quality content.

As a beginner You tuber he/she have to give quality content so that viewers can like their channel and content.

5.Have a network to promote you videos  to social media.
As a beginner youtuber you will not get enough views in first time so use social media platform yo spread your video.

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