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Draw Screen tool

This tool is very useful for the blogger of for   other creator If  you want to prepare a tutorial in blog  for the audience in easy an simple manner and you want to use  lscreenshot of webpage an want to highlight the main Text,that time you cant highlight because tool is not given there .
For this many tool have been developed  and one of them is Draw on Screen.

You can use this for highlight the text.Sample of this tool:-For making a tutorial for audiences to make a Gmail account.

This tool help you lot.This is also used by professional bloggers who want to describe something in his blog.

How to make Google account or Gmail account in Google

Follow the 4 simple steps:-
1.Open any browser like Chrome,Opera and in the search bar type create Gmail account.
2.Click on Google Accounts
Sign up...

3.New tab will be appear.
Now,fill your mobile number
and click on the Next button.

4.You will get this type of view tab.

*You will get message and click on the link for confirmation.

Here you will see  the red box which hightlighted the  text  and viewer can understand in an easy way.

Tool link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freerancher.drawonscreen_free

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