Samsung galaxy a80(8GB RAM,128GB internal storage, price :₹50,000/-)

SAMSUNG GALAXY a80(8GB,128GB,Snapdragon 730 GoC)

Price os Samasung galaxy a80 will be  around 649Euro and in INR it will be ₹50,000/-

As we know, Samsung launched its phone Galaxy a80 with Wonder ful features.The most important thing in the Galaxy a80 is its camera quality which automatically raises when taking  selfie.The thing which is very attractive to people, in this phone it is its fingerprint lock which is above the screen diaplay.Samsung Galaxy a80 Phone has been launched in Thailand and later it will be  launch in asia,China,Europe on 29 May.

This time this phone is also giving triple camera setup with a protein camera.
And this time, the best part is that Samsung has brought its Chipset Snap Dragon 730 GoC Octa Processor.
If we talk about its battery, its battery is 3700 mAh battery and supports Fast Charging.

The Galaxy A8's display has a 6.7-inch Infinity display with a high resolutions
This time Samsung's phone is coming in some different colors  like Angle Gold,ghost white and phantom Black.

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