Why People's choice is Apple phone for first desires instead of others brand like Nokia,Samsung etc

Apple I phone X

Price in India now  ₹ 75,000/-

The Apple iPhone X comes with additional features that no other brand can imagine.  Today the Apple company is famous and every 8 person out of 10 wants an iPhone.  Someone buys it just to show off, that he has an Apple phone and others don't.  Every student in India wants to have an iPhone as one becomes attractive among the people.  He only wants to get the lure for the Apple brand Saw.

Who takes advantage of the desire of the people for the iPhone? And how they use it in their business to earn profits.

 If someone has an iPhone, then people change their mind about the person that he is a rich and educated because he has an iPhone.  No problem.  No one can buy an iPhone, but nowadays anyone can buy a refurbished iPhone from the online store just to show others that all these work.  So the company that makes the mobile cover uses the Apple logo on the back of the cover, so those who can't buy the original iPhone, they buy this type of cover to show off. 

 And the companies that make the back cover try to take advantage of this by creating more covers with the Apple brand logo.

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