Price of Samsung Galaxy S10 price

Samsung Galaxy S10

Price of Samsung galaxy S10 ₹66, 900
price of Samsung Galaxy S10plus ₹73, 900
Price of Samsung Galaxy S10e ₹55, 900

EMI starts from ₹3,049.13/month

Basic features

It look very attractive  but expensive  sor a normal person  in India because most people  buy smartphones  under ₹20, 000 to ₹25, 000 and  can effort  for expensive smartphones .
I agree yhat it gives mor feature than low rang smartphone  but a normal person  why he want to buy this expensive  smartphones  insted of budget phonet. If it will damaged  by somehow how he will give repairs cost. In that cost price he will buy new buy new phone from repair cost.

Samsung handset is expensive  as well as his repair cost. So think when you are going to buy a smartphone remember expensive  phone have expensive  repairs cost of it will damage.

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