First look of apple Mac pro expensive 6000$

Latest  Mac Pro

RAM can be increased  up to 1. 5GB.
If we talk about  the base after this iMac, i Mac pro.After  all  the  Mac Pro  comes which are perfectly  built for professionals. It is due  for long time for up gradation. In this year Apple has announced that along with Mac pro you will get HDR screen  of 32 inches  resolution  of 6k.The quality of screen panel is unique  design and if we talk about graphics, memory, function  option, expansion option   and design are all fresh and powerful.

It can be used  in music production, video production and graphics  design  and for  professionals  works. Total  performance  is unmatched. 28 core  Intel Xeon with 56 Tera bite graphics  card this Mac Pro. In the video  production  in real time  three 8k streams can be done. Mac Pro  will be best for 3D modelling. Base processor  is given on Mac Pro  is Intel -Xeon  series up to 28 core. RAM slot can be increased  up 32 GB RAM and up to 1. 5 Terra bite and along with 8PCIe expansion solid is given.

If we talk  about the performance base variant is of 14 Terra Flocks and it can be increased up to 66 Terra Flocks .CPU is powered  by 300 watts and the cooling  mechanism is very unique  in this CPU which helps it for long time to perform stable. The complete design very unique than ever. The internal  components  of CPU are well arranged with stainless  steel frame with aluminum  frame and comes  with brand  new latest  design. There is given space for air to move in and out for keeping  the CPU cool down. Inside  there is fitted 3 fans as we know i. Every CPU it is present. The remaining components like logic  b ox is dual sided

32 inches  Screen Display  is unique  in itself. The look of screen and its stand is very powerful. The contrasts  ratio is food and have a bezel less  screen.

The combination  of 32 inches screen display  with powerful CPU  is perfect.
The price of base variant  of Mac pro starting from 5999$ and 32 inches monitor  price  starts  from 4999$. The price of monitor  stand  itself cost $999. And price can be increased  depending  on how much memory  you need which graphics  performance  you want to use.  In India it will takes some time to to launch.

The Mac pro has 10GB of Ethereal  ports.

Screen features

*Screen size  32 Inches LCD screen
20 million pixels
6K retina display

*P3 wide color, 10-bit Precise
* Precise  Calibrations
*Extreme  Dynamic  Range
*1, 000, 000: 1 contrasts  ratio
*Stunning modular  design
*Quite operation
*Super wide  Viewing angle
*Reference mode
*Thunderbolt  connectivity

The new Mac Pro starts  from 6000$and monitor starts from 4000$ and stan for 999$.In INR it is around  4 lakh 16 thousands.

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