Mi Men's Sports Shoes 2

Crafted using the Uni-Moulding process, the Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 is designed for the active man. Shock-absorbent, anti-slip and durable, you can take on any adventure that comes your way once you slip into these shoes. 

The Mi Men’s Sports shoes is manufactured using the Uni-Moulding process which ensures 5 different layers and types of materials are fused into a single mould. Each of the layers is separated using a thin polyurethane film pressed and bonded. Because the components are pressed together with the mould, the appearance of the components will appear to be cleaner than the ordinnary manual glue combination, and the probability of the glue opening up s also highly reduced. The new uni-Moulding process also provides even better stability and support to the feet. In addition, the midsole is crafted using the INFUSE material by the popular company Dow Chemical (DuPont). This material can greatly increase the resiliency of the midsole and is more comfortable and less deformable than ordinary EVA.

The new Sports Shoes comes in five stylish colour options which includes Black, Floral Blue and Dark Grey colours which are available in sizes 39 to 46.

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