Xiaomi MiJia Smart Door Lock

MIJA Smart door lock The Mijia smart door lock adopts an integrated fingerprint recognition design, with an oval groove fingerprint recognition large area, which has a larger area and provides a more comfortable fit on the finger. In other words, the larger area collects more fingerprint identification points.


Therefore, it collects more fingerprint information. According to the official introduction, the fingerprint recognition rate is as high as 98.7%. The company also uses the sapphire material as a cover of the fingerprint recognition area. The Mohs hardness is up to 9.

The Mijia smart door lock uses the PB fingerprint recognition algorithm customized by Precise Biometrics from Sweden. As a leading fingerprint algorithm company, its PB algorithm is applied in financial institutions at home and abroad as well as foreign bank cards, using images + Feature point fusion algorithm, with rich false fingerprint library support.
Mijia smart door lock exclusively supports Xiaomi smartphone NFC unlocking, using the end-to-end encryption unique key of Xiaomi handsets. It also supports chip-level encryption of Bluetooth unlocking, up to 20-digit virtual password unlocking, and flexible temporary password unlocking. As for the latter, when our friends temporarily visit or a babysitter regularly visits us, this function can be very convenient. In addition, it also supports mechanical key unlocking.
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