How to prevent your privacy ?know all about it who are monitoring you

How to prevent your privacy?

Prevenvt your privacy

Do you know that all your information, all your videos photos contact details are going elsewhere and you are not even aware about it?Yes, I am talking about your mobile phone. No mobile phone is not carrying your form in mobile phone, so you keep the information now by storing it and you feel that it will be very safe in the mobile phone but you do not know what can happen to you from your mobile phone In which you take photos, record videos, record audio, even everything that you are doing right now, you get every detail in mobile and The same detail takes you to someone else and you don't even know who it is. Let me tell you, there are those people who can use information in some way, some of them also use it for good. Some use it for the bad too, but I think you should know that it is listening.

Who are you in this real thief who steals your real data and who gives permission to that person? If we talk then you give permission, have you ever noticed that you have installed an app from Play Store? Did you install it from anywhere or before using it, you get it, you have to give some information in it, you have to give some permission in it, only then it will friend you Contact detail image video takes permission of all that is to be accessed and that is your biggest mistake you give access to it and from that the app gets all the detail access. Doing all your details goes away

App still your privacy

And the biggest thing is that now he can also take your live location and can even access your microphone. Whoever you are talking to in the house can also know everything, so you should have somewhere It seems that no one listens to my words, even if behind the wall there are ears of the mind, even mobile phones have ears, there is someone else listening behind it, then you should keep in mind that use such an app Received that on your phone to him most right you do not need.

Ways to prevent your privacy.

Prevent you personal details

From this, we can avoid it. What can I tell you? First thing is, if you use any app, then you have to give some permission in it, then it runs, so whatever you do in it, do not get maximum permission. Give one-two permissions, give the permission that is needed for that app, like if you have downloaded a camera app, then you have to give access to your camera and not contact details if you do it. If it takes the camera, but also keep in mind that after using that app, you should go to the settings and never stop the access camera from there.

So this was the first way that you have to do that whenever you do not use the net on your phone, then you keep it off. Whenever you run the net and when you are done, then you close the net. What will happen if the app that tries to send out any information without you going or without your permission is not without the net Will get it and it will save both your information and your privacy on the net.
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