Best two flagship smartphone under ₹16, 000(4, 6 GB RAM) with 2.2 processor with snapdragon 710, 845

Flagship phone under 16000, 2. 2ghz octa core processor

Flagship phones

Today I am going to tell you about such mobile phones, which you probably have not noticed.Have you heard about Nokia 8.1 and what do you know about it and with whom do you compare it?Yes I am talking about Nokia 8.1. There are many types of brands in the market and many types of smart phones and you probably like budget  smartphone and you get more quality in it, because of that you buy a lot of other companies smartphone but you do not know properly. .But you do not know that a company which does not do much advertising with it is also good and no what is so, Nokia which is known for the good features and good quality.You might not have heard much about Nokia 8.1, but you should know that Nokia 8.1 is a mobile that gives you good quality with good features, which mobile phones you get in the market within ₹35000, same that you get inside Nokia ₹16, 000.  I am giving no other mobile that is equal to Nokia, except one, that is Poco F1.It also comes under ₹16, 000.

Nokia 8. 1  2.2Ghz octa core processor

Nokia 8.1 and Poco F1 both give you some almost  same price and features  even though in Poco F1 you get Snapdragon 845 and in Nokia you get Snap Dragon 710. If you want a good mobile, then you will also need a good processor and the same thing is  very good to me in Nokia 8. 1 that Nokia is giving 8.1 processor with 2.2 Ghz octa- core processor with Snapdragon 710, then same thing you said about other  phones.

Samsung a30s which is giving you 1.8 GHz quad core processor and talking about the price of both, if both are same, then both of you are giving more processor to Nokia in the same price.

Samsung A30s  which is giving you 1.8 GHz quad core processor and talking about the price of both, if both are same, then both of you are giving more processor to Nokia in the same price.

Nokia 811 is available in two colors, one is iron, the other is blue .Screen size  is 8. 16 inch  with full HD display and resolution is 1080× 2246 pixels. Talk about camera, 12 megapixel and 13 megapixel camera you get rear camera. In and front camera gets 20 has a 3, 500 mAh battery, it has a 2.2Ghz octa core processor with Snapdragon 710.its weight 180 grams.
Talking about the rest of the features, you get the GPS ,Ambient Light Sensor,  proximity ,accelerometer,  compass,  gyroscope ,fingerprint sensor in the back.

Poco F1

Flagship phone under 16000, 2. 2Ghz octa core processor

If we talk about other mobile phones, we talk about Poco F1, which is giving a tough competition to Nokia 8.1 and know how it is going.If we talk about Poco f1,  then it is also priced at ₹16000 but in this you get 6GB RAM and 128GB internal memory, 12 +5 megapixel rear camera and 20 megapixel front camera.You get 4000mh of battery and device weight is 181 grams.

Special in poco F1: 6GB RAM

One plus 6 t
Flagship phone 2. 2 Ghz octa core processor snapdragon 845

On the other hand, let's talk and a smartphone that costs 3 times more than Nokia 8.1 and that mobile is OnePlus 6t. In this, along with the price, you get more features in it, more like in this you get Android version 9.  RAM of 10GB and 228 internal memory. In this you get the camera 16 plus 20 megapixel rear camera and 16 megapixel front camera.
In this, you get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa core processor and its screen regulation is 1080 times 2340. Talking about the display you will get the 6. 41 inch display.
Fast processor

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