Creating Gmail account in smartphone in 2019

1. How to create label in Gmail

How to create a Gmail account in smartphone .

How to create  gmail account in easy way.
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➡To create gmail account  in android phone follow the given steps.

1. Open Google Chrome  or any browser.
2. On the search bar write  create new gmail account. 

3. Now click on the first website comes. 

4. A new tab will be open, click on create an account on the red box. 

5. A new tab will be open, enter  you first and last name. 

6. After filling the blank click on the next  blue button. 

7. A new tab will be open, enter your date of birth  and gender(male/female) 

8. Then, write your name or email address that you want. 

9. After choosing gmail address, create your password by filling two given box with same password. 

10. Click on "yes, I, m in", if you have your own phone number in smartphone and if not click on the add number. 

11. I you want to review you account click on the next blue button. 

12. Click on I agree blue button. 

🎉Congrats! You have created your gmail account. 

How to create gmail account.
Gmail is free messaging platform. 

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