Google Pixel 4 review: the best Android experience

So let's see the basic features of Google pixel 4 phone in simple language only for pixel lovers.

🌠So the base price starts with.
   🔶  $599.00 for 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

    🔶 $699.00   for 6GB RAM and 128GB
          internal storage.
🌠Google Pixel 4 is powered  by
     Qualcomm snapdragon 855.

🌠Dual Back camera:
    ⚫  12. 2 MP primary wide(f/1.7)
    ⚫   16MP telephoto with 2x oppo
              optical   zoom(f/2.0)
🌠Front camera  is 8MP(megapixel)(f/
🌠It has no SD card slot.

🌠It is powered by 2800 mAh battery with  a battery life of 8:03.

🌠It comes in three variants colours: White, clearly black and Orange.

🌠The size of pixel 4 is 5.79×2.71×0.32

🌠The weight of this phone is 5.71 ounces (161.88 g ).

Video Credit: Marques Brownlee
Techno Gamer

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