3 Idiots movie full Download/720p

3 Idiots full movie

3 Idiots full movie download in HD
3 Idiots full movie download in HD 

So we are going to talk about Amir Khan's film. Amir Khan's film came out in 2009 in some old year. Which was called 3dh, it tells about three friends. This film is not about the three friends who love their love, what is college life?  How the student should be taught about it is about the education system, it gives us a lot of inspiration, everyone should see this film. One more thing I liked about this film is which film taught me that I have to become a capable person in my life.bIf you become a capable person, success comes to you. Out of this, the main character is Amir Khan who is playing the role of Rancho, Faran ,Raju who are his friends and Kareena Kapoor is seen in main heroine.

The small thing here is that this film is a matter of college life.  Then after the end of college life, a challenge to those people who did it in college, mixes everything together and after that the man hero is Amir Khan who is playing the role of Rancho.  He also used to get his love. So there are many such things in the 3 Idiot movie, which everyone should know, let the children also accompany the family in open.


Film -3 idiots
Director -Rajkumar Hirani
Box office collection: 460 crore
Released date-25 December 2009(India) 

Following is the character of 3 Idiot 

  • Amir Khan- as Rancho
  • Kareena Kapoor- asPia
  • Sharman Joshi -as Raju Rastogi
  • R. Madhavan -as Farhan Qureshi 
  • Omi Vaidya  - as Chatur "Silencer"
  • Mona - as Mona Singh
  • Millimetre -as Rahul Kumar

All  songs in 3 idiot movie.

  1. All izz well(lyric) 
  2. Behti hawa sa tha woh(lyric) 
  3. Zoobi doobi(lyric) 
  4. Give me some sunshine(lyric)
  5. Janne nahi jenge tujhe

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3 idiots full movie download hd 720p
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