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So today we talk about the new film which has come from Hollywood, it is a good film which is based on Robotics.  You will love watching this movie.  It is a very good film to say about the film in it.  A robot refused to speak about a human, some feeling started coming in it, like humans, let us know what else is there about this?  I will not tell you all the things because I will tell you all the things, if you get bored before watching the film then you download this film. 

          Talking about audience , people have liked this film very well and we believe that if there are more such films made in future, I saw this film in a very good way or not, then I understood what I knew, I was very good  because  people are also liking it and big websites who see the film about what is good and what is not and what is its color?  He has told that this film is good, you should watch it, if I say why you should watch it, then the first thing is that it is a scientific film that will let you know about the breath and some future you can guess about our future.  How can we see this world?

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