Jio 4G recharge Plan India

All the plans of Jio for 1 month.

Jio 4G recharge plan in deoghar ,Jharkhand
Jio 4G recharge plans

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Jio recharge Plan 

As we know that Jio has created a ruckus in the whole country, at first we were very happy that he gave a very good plane to us, cheaper than the other plane.  But now the same company is giving some more to us.  Even if you were taking more than before.  Now whoever has started taking more money from us, in all these things, it is known that what we have done and what we want or not, we have taken from others to go about it and I myself  Have found that there are some for you that you may come for this.I am not writing about Baqi Plus in this post but I am writing about Jio.  I am writing about Jio because I am useful to Jee.  I am also sad that this has happened too much, but even then, what happened, we cannot do anything, maybe it will become cheaper on the plane.

If you tell me which plan you use, let me tell you, then I used to use the plan of ₹149.  Now I cannot use that.  Now that is done.  The meaning of others is 199, now the plane of 149, then I will get one and a half GB daily for 28 days, where I knew 149, there has been ₹199, meaning my ₹ 50 has increased.

There are also hearings that elections are coming and in some places, like I talk, in Delhi also in Delhi, WiFi has got a lot of boost and we are using the Wi-Fi facility a lot and  WiFi is also being provided there by the government, so I do not know when this happened in the whole place but I do not know there well I do not understand why I did not get there before that.  Why not this facility  come to all parts of country. I did not understand here, if I have to do anything in relation to a bank, how will I do? Do I have to get such expensive recharges done? If I do not have money, I cannot do anything for the bank.  Like, if I want to send money to someone, using Pay Pal anything on Bhim, then how do I do it when they are so expensive.It is not known whether the price of onion has become expensive, but the entire company of Jio Airtel Vodafone has also made their idea plane expensive, do not know what is the game and how long will it last?  Is it not a problem of us humans, here the government would talk that we will make the country digital, cashless and it is not giving the facility of the free wi-fi and it is going to be even more.  Is it all right to be worth it?

I have realized all these things that I already know about you.  You can write a comment about your feeling and tell me what you have to say about it?
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