Best image editor app for making professional youtube videos thumbnails.

Pix Lab


This app allows you to use our amazing effects and make your photo amazing.

  •  This app allows for variety of bleeding pixel effect on your image. It looks like magic effects on your original image.
  •  This app makes broken pieces of your original image.
  • This app has HD light glare effect for a photo. Photo makes casual also by pixel effect.

How to apply pixel effect:

  1.  Choose photo from camera or gallery for pixel effect.
  2.  Crop your photo for pixel effect.
  3.  You can apply huge number of pixel effect on photo. it looks bleeding effect.
  4.  Your original photo is having zoom in and zoom out effect.
  5.  You can change your opacity and contrast of images.
  6. You can  your image also.
  7. Pixel effect photo editor has text and emoji effect.
  8.  Beautiful pixel photo share with your friends and family.


  •  Huge number of pixel effect.
  •  Light glare effect.
  •  HD effects on photo.
  •  Original photo zoom in zoom out
  •  Different stickers and text.
  • Lots of effects.
  •  Reset photo.

Above image is also edited with Pixalab.This application is free.

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