Best Android Apps To Learn English in 2021

Here are the top best apps to learn English that are tested for those who want learn English. If you download these apps, it will helps you to improve your English. The best way to learn English is to try yourself to speak after listening the sentence from other people or these apps.

Apps to learn English


Cake English Learning App -oledtech
  • Learn real English from videos
  • Fun, short English conversation videos updated every day! 
  • Learn English fast, completely free. 
  •  Learn real English expressions curated from YouTube. See similar phrases in one place and spend just a few minutes a day to improve your English! 

If you want to improve your English speaking skills, look no further. “Cake” app offers speaking practices that simulate conversations with native speakers! 

Check your pronunciation with our AI speech recognition. Simply record your voice and get immediate feedback. Soon you will learn to sound like a native speaker. 

100% free! 
“Cake” app is completely free and there are no annoying ads. We are committed to helping you improve your English. Learn English with “Cake”  today.

2.Learn English Great Videos

Learn English great videos

Improve English listening skills and learn about the UK's music, sport and more.
Watch videos and improve your English listening skills.

Watch natural and authentic conversations in English in this video app. Each video features:

  • An audio script so you can read along while you listen.
  • A glossary to help you learn and remember words.
  • Comprehension questions to check your understanding.
  • A pitch control to slow down the audio. 

When learning English, practice makes perfect. I recommend you use this app several times a week to keep practising. There are several ways to to help maximise your progress:
Watch the videos and follow along with  the audio script as you listen. The audio script supports your listening and helps you hear words you may not necessarily recognise just by listening. Check any words you don’t know using the built-in glossary.
Read the audio script in full screen and listen to the audio only without watching the video. This really helps you focus on listening. 
Watch the videos in landscape mode without reading the audio script – this is the hardest way! Test your listening and see how much of the video you can understand.

Learn about UK Culture 

Watch 24 videos to learn more about life in the UK. Follow  host Richard around London as he visits Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and Harrods department store. Learn more about the history of the English language and find out more about British entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson. 
Constant practice using the learn English GREAT Videos app will help you feel more confident listening to native speakers and improve your pronunciation. After using this app, you will understand more when listening to English, such as the videos and podcasts in our learn English Audio & Video app.

Learn English with the British Council

Apps are written by English teachers and language experts and offer grammar, vocabulary and listening practice. Check out our other apps and visit our Learn English websites. 

3.Listen English Full Audio

Listen English Full Audio

Listen English Full Audio features

  • Learn phrases, listen and translate to your language.
  • Listen and record your voice with text transcript.
  • Practice speaking by yourself.
  • Add to your favourite lessons and listen again.
  • Have dictionary to translate and search words.
  • Practice speaking English if I have nobody to talk with?
  • Remember that communication is more important than grammar.
Do you get nervous when speaking because you’re afraid of making a mistake?
Remember that the goal of speaking English is to communicate.
Although grammar is important, it is less important than communication when speaking English.

4.English conversation practice

English Conversation Pracrice

  • Practise having an English conversation to improve your English
  • Do you need to practise your English more?
  • Do you want to practise having conversations?
  • Do you have a hard time finding someone to practise English with?
  • Then this app is perfect for you.  We provide hundreds of lessons designed to give you great English conversation practise.
  • In order to improve your English conversation, you need to improve your listening, understanding, and speaking.  With the great features we added, you will definitely improve your English conversation skills.

We have over 200 English conversation lessons, which includes the following:

  • Listening exercises to improve your listening.
  • Quizzes to help you understand.
  • Conversation practise feature to improve your speaking.
  • Conversation recording tool to track your progress. 
This is the best app to practise your English conversation.  Try for yourself and start improving today!

5.English Listening Daily

English Listen Daily
  • Improve your English listening skill by conversations with slow voice.
  • Listening is the most important skill in English. This software will help you to practice English listening easier. The voice from conversations is quite slow. Therefore, you can listen almost words in the conversations.


  • English conversation with slow voice.
  • Commonly used English phrases & vocabularies.
  •  Easy to store and manage your favorite items .
  • Pretty UI, simple and user friendly,support multi language.
  • Huge amount of audio content.
  •  Remind learn English.
  • Easy to use, easy to understand, easy to practice!
  • Improve quickly listening skills, gain more useful and practical English.
  • You can download audio to use offline.
  • By using these apps once in a day surely help you in learning English.
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