More than one gmail in android

Many people use separate Gmail accounts to separate their professional and personal work life. The problem comes when they want to manage two different accounts in the same phone.  They have to log out and login every time to check mail or revert to one account , many people use different smart phones for this , which is a different problem to carry . 

How to open more than a Gmail account in 2021

 If you have already logged into a Gmail account on your  android smartphones, then know how you can easily manage multiple Gmail accounts in it.

Follow this step

Step 1: 

First of all you go to the Settings option given on the home screen of your Android device and click on Accounts. 

 Step 2: 

Here you will get the list of accounts in which you have already signed in, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram etc.  On this screen, on scrolling down, Add Account option will appear.  on that

Step 3: 

Now select the option of Google from the list of apps appearing on the screen.  After this you will be asked the phone's security pin, password or fingerprint (according to your phone's security setting).  

Step 4: 

In the next window you will see the first login page of Gmail.  Enter the required information being asked there and click on Next. 

 Step 5: 

After thatYou will see Terms & Conditions on the page screen.  Your Gmail data will be synced automatically on your Android as soon as you click on Accept to proceed here. 

 Last Step: 

Now by going to Settings, you can tap on Google and select the Gmail account, which you use most and most often in your tab.


1.Can i use 2 gmail accounts on android?

Ans: Yes,  you can use more than one gmail account in android.

2.Can I send images through Gmail?

Ans:Yes ,you can send images through Gmail.

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