How to change blogger theme?

Read carefully  i have tried to give detailed steps or information.

How to change theme of my blogger

Yes, you can change theme of you blogger .you can download  free them or  paid. If you are a beginner you should try free theme.

How to set new theme in blogger. ?
 1. Download the theme from net.

2. Extract the zip file which you have downloaded, because when you will download any new theme fro net you will get then in a zip file and it can not be opened by some smart phone.

3. For extracting the zip file download a app named " zip opener "from Google Play Store .after this go to browser and check on the downloads there you will find  zip file click on zip you will be redirected to your zip opener app, after this click on the zip and click on the extract now your zip will be extracted  and don't  forget to give name that extracted file.

4. Now, open you blogger.

5. Click on the theme option.

6 Now click on the top right side of the option "backup/restore".

By clicking this again click on choose file  and you will have to find that extracted file  commonly is found in downloads by this click on the extracted file there you will get a file which end in. .XML click on that file and  lick save .

Your theme Will be change. 
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