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You are reading this article.  Maybe you are interested in gaming, so today we are going to talk about the Top 5 gaming Smartphon.  Five Top Gaming Phones that will run your game very lightly.Have you never played PUBG or Free Fire with one or two GB RAM mobile phones?
You will know how much lagging occurs in 1 or 2GB RAM phones, the enemy kills us and we are not able to do anything.  Because during the fight, our phone was laggingwas being lagging.  The mood of the day only worsens.  Now the question comes, why does the phone lag? 

 Actually our phone is not made for Gaming.  Our phone is made for simple tasks and does not have the features that are needed for smooth gaming.  Now we talk about the gaming phones which are made with only focus on gaming.  Phone is made with these focuses in mind.  And these phones will also do the rest like normal phones work.  Like these phones have high RAM and Gaming processor which can run any mobile game very easily. Here I am only showing features which are necessary for gaming and skip the rest common features like camera etc.

Top Gaming Phones

1.Asus Rog 3

Five Top Gaming Phones ASUS Rog Phone 3 review

Price- 42'000/-




Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

GPU-Qualcom Adreno 650

Display-6.59 inch Full HD display

2.Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra



ROM-256 GB

Battery-4,500 mAh

Processor-Exynos 990

Display-6.9 inch WQHD+Amoled Display

3.One Plus 8T

Five Top Gaming Phones one Plus 8T review




Battery-4,500 mAh

Processor-Qualcomn Snapdragon 865

Display-6.55 inch +112 Hz Amoled Display

4.Nubia Red magic


Five Top Gaming Phones Nubia red Magic review





Processor-Qualcomn Snapdragon 835

Display- 6 inch


5.Black shark 3

Five Top Gaming Phones Black Shark 3 PRO review

Price-55,000 (approx)



Battery- 5000 mAh/p>

Pricessor-Qualcomn Snapdragon 865

Display- 7.1 inch Display

All these phones are excellent in their performance but have very high price which is not affordable to all gamers.

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