When I charge my REDMI Note 7 pro overnight?Is any problem occur for battery and phone and how trickle effect phone

Today we are going to discuss a topic that if you charge any mobile all night, what will happen?  Whether our battery life will be spoiled or battery life will be reduced. See it depends on whether your mobile is a smartphone or a simple phone. 

 If you have a smartphone then there is no need to fear because the present day smartphones are really smart because it has a smart circuit after completing charging it stops the connection between the battery and  charger in circuit.

So that the battery  remains safe after taking full charge.  If we use a normal  keypad phone, then there would be no smart circuit in them which can prevent excessive charging, this is the reason that its battery starts to thrive.  Nowadays, many such smartphones have also came in the market, in which it is a feature that you can set the time in it, how long the phone should be charged full.  As you have a phone which is fully charged in 3 hour, but you want this phone to be charged in 5 hours, jus set time  in it and that phone will reduce its charging speed so that it is full at the given time.   

One such example is the  gaming phone from Asus, which features this.  Earlier there was a runoff that the phone should be  not touched while charging it was just for the keybad phone. The smartphon has a power distribution system which distributes the power in such a way that the mobile sends some power to the battery and some power use in the  current app which you are running.

Now we talk about what precautions we should take so that the battery life of our smartphone can be prolonged.

  1. The first of these comes that you should always use the original charger of the mobile.  Because different chargers have different output power.  Just like your phone needs a charger that outputs is  5 amperes and if you are using 2 ampere output charger, then how  that mobile will charge on time.
  2. Remove your phone cover while charging ,because when you plug your phone on charging the battery starts to heat up a bit and due to the mobile cover, the heat does not radiate out well.

Does Power Saving and  battery saver apps available in Play store can enhance your battery life?

No,it not true that these app will enhance your phone battery life but only help mobile to stop app which runs on background or  apps which you don't use regular .But you don't need apps for this all Smartphon have this feature preinstalled.

How battery saver function work on your phone

How battery saver function work on your phone?

It only stop application and program which are running in the background with or without your concern.

Battery saver activates the following restrictions: 

  1. Restrict the activity of system apps .
  2. Freeze apps in the background .
  3. Clear cache whenever device is locked.
  4.  Turn off services and features with high power consumption (sync, GPS, haptic feedback, "Raise to wake", "Show fingerprint icon when the screen is off")

Top 3 effective settings to save your battery

Restrict background data

Go to Settings > Data usage > Background data > Select the apps which you don't want to all use your data in background like calculator,camera, chrome etc

Turn off Auto Update Apps

Go to Play store > Menu > Settings >Auto Update Apps > Do not auto update

Turn off location

Slide down your notification panel > Click on location icon if it is on.

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