How To Check Covid-19/RT-PCR Test Report Online

In this article, we will get to know how to check online covid-19 test report.  If you want to take your covid-19 report or your friends,family members etc then you can check this article and know about all process.
Note:For checking online covid-19 /RT-PCR test report ,you should have your SRF number or mobile number which you have given in the lab counter while submitting your sample to the lab specialist.  You can take it as id of your report without ID you can't find your report online. 

How To Check Online Covid-19/ RT-PCR Test Report in Jharkhand

If you are living in Jharkhand then you can check yours, family members or  friends covid-19/RT PCR test report by SRF NUMBER or by by mobile number if  they had registered or submitted in the lab counter while  giving sample to the lab specialist.

For checking Covid-19/RT-PCR online test report read the given steps:

  • First,go to Google or any browser you have and type "".( for people who are living in Ranchi) and visit the website.
Second visit the website you will get a form like structure with a big heading Covid-19 check your result here.

  • Third, enter  your SRF number ( you will find this number on the receipt which you have got while you have submitted your sample to the lab.
Click on Get Result after clicking on Get result you will get to download your full detalid report.
For other states You can follow the same steps to check your test report online


For (Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu)

(Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu)

For (Banglore, Karnataka) 

For (Karnataka, Kodagu)

For (Uttar Pradesh, Pilibhit)

For (Tamil Nadu, Vellore) 

For (Jharkhand, Ranchi)

For (Jharkhand, Dhanbad)

 For (Haryana, Hisar)।   

For (Odisha, Sambalpur)

For Rajasthan

 For Ariyalpur              

 For Maharashtra                                   

For Faridabad          

 For Haryana   

For chhattisgarh                               

For Himanchal pradesh (Shimla) 

For Uttarakhand  

For Uttar pradesh 

For Madurai।

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