Xiaomi Smartphones Evolution

Today there is no house where a smartphone does not belong to MI(Xiaomi).Today we talk a little bit about this MI and uncover some depths.And we will also know the answer to some questions in this article related to MI Brand.As we know MI is famous all over the world for low price and better features.

Redmi Smartphones Evolution

Xiaomi Smartphones

In MI, we get the specifications that we used to get only on the expensive phone.That is why it has carved a distinct identity in the whole world.According to a report, Mi's phone Mi3 was launched, 15,000 handset units were sold in 2 seconds as soon as it was launched.Yes, it was not believable at all, but it happened.From this, you can understand what the value of MI would have been.And it was considered to be the fastest phone seller in India.

MI sold 70 million phones in 2015 and 58 million 2016.In 2015, Mi launched two phones, the Mi Note 4 and Mi4, which became the best-selling phone in India, and that's why Mi was successful in selling 70 million phones in 2015.

Mi success secrets| How it become the NO 1 smartphon brand of India.

MI started in 2010 in China by Lei Jun.Its founder and CEO is Lei Jun.Earlier it was a ROM Based company.It creates MiUI and districtbuted globally.People from all over the world download it because the MiUi was much better than the stock Android.And one reason for its popularity was that MIUI was largely similar to Apple's IOS.In 2011,Company launched his first smartphone in India -  Mi 1 with very good Specifications with budget price.Its aim in launching this smart phone was to make internet enabled mobile phones.

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