Is apple copying Android Or android copying Apple

Today we will get o know in details about the Appe and Android smartphones designs.

Honor V9 (February 2017)

Is honor v9 is copy of iphone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus (September 2015)

Iphone 6s

OnePlus 5T (November 2017)

Is one Plus 5T copied design of iphone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus (September 2016)

Iphone 7 Plus

To be fair, technically HTC (a Taiwanese company) was first that came up with this metal design with antenna lines across the top and bottom half:

HTC One M7 (March 2013):

Apple Copied Android

iPhone 6 (September 2014)

Iphone 6 copied HTC One Mc with metal design with antenna lines across the top and bottom half

So technically Apple copies Android sometimes, and sometimes Android copies Apple.

But also to be fair, the iPhone 1 was made of metal and HTC has borrowed some inspiration from that too (but I guess you can give credit to HTC for the antenna lines because Apple just had a big piece of plastic on the bottom half, the HTC One M7 was first to have plastic antenna lines in-between the aluminum metal back) but then again also, HTC copied Apple before too.

iPhone 1 (June 2007):

Iphone 1

HTC Desire HD (September 2010) :

HTC Desire HD copied design of Iphone 1

Regarding the bezel less “notch” design, Android came up with it first.. the design was first teased by Andy Rubin and he released the Essential phone with a notch, but the body design is very similar to Apple's iPhone 4’s boxy design:

Essential Phone (August 2017) (was first to make a notched and “bezel less” screen popular):

iPhone X (November 2017) Apple likely saw the teaser photo from Andy Rubin showing the notch and they kinda copied him having a notch but their notch was bigger and uglier:

iPhone 4 (June 2010):

But I think Andy Rubin's Essential phone kinda copied a Chinese brand called Xiaomi.. it was Bezel less and had a similar square design and shiney back, so credit to Xiaomi:

Xiaomi MI MIX (November 2016):

And LG was actually one of the first to make thin bezel phones (or bezel less phones) a trendy thing.

LG G2 (September 2013):

And of course we all know Samsung was the first to make big screen phones a thing.. back in the day, people made fun of Samsung for having big phones (especially iPhone users)… nowadays, a lot of Apple users absolutely love the large sized iPhones and prefer it (the iPhone 6 and 6s Plus were very popular phones due to the large screen).

Galaxy Note 1 (October 2011):

iPhone 6 Plus (September 2014):

And LG was the very first to have a wide angle dual lens camera:

LG G5 (April 2016):

LG was the very first to have a wide angle dual lens camera:

iPhone 11 (September 2019) first iphone with a wide angle camera lens, 3 years after LG had it first:

Iphone 11 copied  LG  in wide angle dual lens camera

So the takeaway here is technically everybody is copying each other.. that's how it is in the smartphone game.. Apple borrows things from Android and Android borrows things from Apple… If you notice music today, everybody is making music that sounds the same.. so it's the same thing, people constantly borrow inspiration from someone else.

Though Chinese brands initially have copied designs from other companies, they are now being to become the leader of innovation.. they were first to invent a phone with an under the display fingerprint scanner and also a motorized pop-up selfie camera (both STILL not seen on Apple's iPhone). So you need to give credit for innovations coming from China and it seems Apple is lagging behind in innovation, often using already invented technology and marketing it as brand new (such as bluetooth headphones and wireless charging (.

Vivo X20 Plus UD (January 2018, although they've had under the screen fingerprint scanner prototypes long before as well):

But again, the back of the phone looks like an iPhone:

Notice the camera location, Apple has made it a fashion trend to place the camera on the top left corner so it an show more of the logo on the back of the phone.. Android usually had the camera in the top center middle.. honestly I prefer it being in the middle because when it's on the corner, it often captures your fingers when you're holding the phone in landscape mode. Out of all brands, it appears as Chinese phones have the least amount of originality and often used Apple iPhones as a design inspiration (and also sometimes they copy Samsung).

Both, Android has copied Apple (mostly early on during the early years of iPhones), the Galaxy S1 actually looked pretty similar to the iPhone 1 or 3.. but nowadays, it is Apple copying Android… adding features and hardware that was already seen on Android many years prior… for example, Apple introduced "panorama" camera mode on their iPhone 5… but panorama was already available on Android. The pull-up control panel and the pulldown notification panel on the iPhone was actually taken from Android which had those features first. LG was the first phone to have a wide angle camera.. but Apple finally added it years later on their iPhone 11 series. The iPhone notch screen was actually stolen from Android… The Essential phone was the first to introduce the notched screen and slim bezel design… Andy Rubin showed a picture of the phone and it got a lot of hype over the design and Apple immediately put a notch on their iPhone X and I guess it was "cool" at the time (nowadays, it looks very outdated as phones are now moving towards a motorized pop up selfie style and a much a smaller earpiece speaker).

Apple took both the home screen widgets and lockscreen widgets from Android… Android was always known for its desktop widgets which made them popular early on… beleive it or not, Android actually had lockscreen widgets a long time ago… Google introduced it I think on Android 4.4.. but with Android 5.1, Google removed lockscreen widgets... but you could still have access to app shortcuts and have interactive buttons from the notification bar instead which works too.. and of course, desktop widgets are still there.

A lot of Chinese brands have the tendency to copy iPhones a lot.. the OnePlus 5T was a clear copycat of the iPhone 7.. the design is too similar. The Huawei Honor V9 (also known as Honor 8 Pro) looks just like the iPhone 6… the Honor UI and Xiaomi UI looks very similar to the iOS UI. So yes, Android phones have copied iPhones, it depends which brand… but nowadays, it's mostly Apple copying Android since Apple is no longer the leader of innovation, not since Steve Jobs left Apple… many Android phones are coming up with very innovative features, including an under the screen fingerprint scanner or a motorized popup selfie camera which Apple has yet to adopt

Article credi : Jona Arkenson

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