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Hello guys, today I am going to tell you.  How can you post from your social media account through Block Letters Fonts or how can you write anything from block Fonts ?Block fonts are of a different type so they appear to be thick and strong.The fonts look like a lot of bricks have been attached together.

Steps to generate Block Fonts from normal fonts :

  1. Go to Block Font Generator website. 
  2. Enter your text > Scroll Down > Copy your desired Block Fonts Styles.
  3. Congrats 🎉 You have successfully generated your Blocks Fonts  which can be copied and pasted anywhere.

Uses of Block Fonts

  1. For Instagram Bio Decorations
  2. For WhatsApp Event Wishes
  3. For YouTube Highlighted Comments
  4. For Instagram Comments
  5. For Graphic Design
  6. For  Tattoos Design
  7. For Block Letters
  8. For Cricut
  9. For Posters and Banners
  10. For Bold Letters
  11. For Logo Design
Putting everything together, we can say that wherever you want to block a font or a letter, you can use block letters and above recommended website. 

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