How to Split Images for Instagram -2024

Hello Guys Do you want to upload spilit images to Instagram?When we divide any image into small pieces, it is called a split image.


Mostly we split the image when we have to upload one of our photos in the grid format on Instagram in the form of very small pieces.So, let us know in today's article how we can split an image for grid layout on Instagram.

Steps to Split an Image for Instagram

  1. Go to Instagram Image Splitter website.
  2. Click on the Upload button to upload the image which you want to upload the image.
  3. Then click on the Split button on the right side of the Upload button.
  4. Instantly your image will be split into small pieces of 3 × 3 grid format.
  5. Download splits image from bottom to top. Tap on the images to download.
  6. Congrats 🎉, you have successfully split your image into many small pieces which you upload in your Instagram Post Section.

How to split images into multiple pieces?

Steps to split images into multiple pieces are:

  1. Go to Instagram image splitter website.
  2. Upload your image>click split >tap on the images to download.
  3. Congrats, you have successfully split your image into multiple 6 pieces.


It sounds great to divide an image into very small pieces and then upload them one by one to Instagram and others use movies, then with the above method you can break any image into very small pieces.  You can cut it and download it to your gallery.

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